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About InsideEPA Climate

InsideEPA/climate -- from the editors of

Daily news, analysis and perspective on EPA regulations and policies to limit greenhouse gases

InsideEPA/climate is a climate-specific news service from the editors of – delivering daily news, analysis and perspective on the renewed debate over climate change policies.

The Trump administration's stepped-up efforts to roll back EPA's climate regulations have reignited a climate change policy debate with sweeping implications for the entire economy. This renewed fight requires a new approach to covering the regulatory impacts of the climate debate. And InsideEPA/climate delivers on that point, with exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage and analysis as well as special features that track all the action in the federal and state regulatory dockets, in the courts and by Congress.

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InsideEPA/climate brings order and context to the far-reaching policy debate over climate change and greenhouse gas regulations, with daily news and analysis, tracking of key regulations and litigation, real-time updates on breaking news, and exclusive interviews with key policymakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exclusive features and services of InsideEPA/climate?

Tell me about the Climate Beat blog?

What are the regulatory and litigation tracking services?

Will I get email alerts and news updates?

InsideEPA/climate delivers in several ways:

  • Daily news and deep-dive coverage: Each business day InsideEPA/climate delivers exclusive news on the broad policy implications of EPA's and the administration's climate change agenda, with reporting on the nuts-and-bolts details of federal and state regulatory requirements, the legal arguments surrounding those requirements, industry compliance options, and more. And you get morning and mid-day email updates on all the latest news, plus news alerts as events warrant.
  • Blogging about breaking news and events: As part of our commitment to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about federal climate change policies, the InsideEPA/climate blog, the Climate Beat, provides updates on key news developments and a roundup of climate policy news being reported by us and others. Our exclusive blog is an indispensable tool for staying ahead of the curve on all the rapid-fire developments in climate change policymaking.
  • Analysis and opinion: A key feature of InsideEPA/climate is exclusive analysis by our experienced editorial team on how the latest climate policy developments will affect you and your organization. Plus you get exclusive interviews and guest columns from prominent policymakers and opinion makers.

The Climate Beat blog provides a running digest of the big stories being reported by our editors as well by others, and much more:

  • Breaking news: The climate policy debate is raging as EPA zeroes in on regulatory options for limiting greenhouse gases. The Climate Beat staff provides real-time updates on the latest key policy developments and events so you won't miss a beat.
  • What we're reading: Climate Beat catalogs and highlights the best of what our reporters are finding out, as well as what's being reported by others.
  • Context: The sweeping impacts of EPA's regulatory plans are prompting wide-ranging responses from industry, state and other regulators, lawmakers, policy analysts and environmentalists. Climate Beat provides context and order by sifting through the proposals and counter-proposals to tell what it all means.
  • Documents: At the heart of the renewed regulatory push are key policy documents developed by regulators at the state and federal levels, in Congress and by litigants at the district and appellate courts. Climate Beat provides easy access to those documents, along with highlights of their contents and links to what it all means.
  • Events and dates: You will never miss an important deadline or event -- and there will be a lot of them in the coming years and months -- if you stay tuned to InsideEPA/climate's Climate Beat.

InsideEPA/climate tracks regulations and litigation.

Keeping tabs on regulations and litigation is crucial to understanding and anticipating the direction of the climate change policy debate. InsideEPA/climate will track major filings in the regulatory dockets and the courthouses, and will report on what they mean.

Also, InsideEPA/climate tracks what state regulators are doing, or not doing, that will affect national policies on climate change.

And full-text access to the documents and major filings in the courts and the regulatory dockets is just a click away.

Our editors, building on more than 30-years of experience in covering federal policymaking, sift through the mountain of submissions and documents that will lay the basis for EPA's regulatory policies on limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

EPA's latest proposals for slashing emissions are just a harbinger of future regulatory efforts, and those proposals have already prompted a litany of lawsuits that is expected to grow as industry groups and state officials weigh in.

InsideEPA/climate tracks all that, and report what you need to know about the direction of EPA climate change policies and their regulatory impacts.

InsideEPA/climate news alerts and email updates will keep you ahead of the curve.

The climate change policy debate is on a fast track as industry, state officials and other regulators are expected to weigh in on EPA proposals. EPA's proposals for regulating greenhouse gases have already prompted litigation, with more lawsuits expected to come. And the policy debate prompted by those proposals will spur numerous reports, position papers, news events, hearings and more.

InsideEPA/climate helps you stay ahead of the news curve with a morning email update each business day on our latest news stories, an afternoon email alert from the Climate Beat blog on the day's news events and blog posts, as well as email alerts on breaking news when events warrant it.

Bottom line: You will never miss a beat in the climate change policy debate by reading InsideEPA/climate.