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The Trump administration is firmly in charge, and there's never been greater uncertainty surrounding U.S. climate policy. 

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Morrisey Hopes Trump Seeks Broad Rollback Of EPA Power Plant GHG Rules

West Virginia Attorney General (AG) Patrick Morrisey (R), one of the most ardent critics of EPA's power plant greenhouse gas rules, hopes that an executive order President Donald Trump is slated to sign will seek a broad rollback of the agency's rules for both new and existing sources, suggesting some uncertainty about the scope of the order.

Waste industry and local agency officials are warning California regulators that their plan to launch an extensive rulemaking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills by diverting vast amounts of organic material to compost facilities faces major funding and permitting hurdles that state officials must acknowledge and work to overcome.

A former top energy and budget adviser in the Obama administration is urging clean energy supporters to focus on boosting markets and investments in zero-carbon technology rather than only defending Obama's energy and climate policy legacy.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, sworn in Feb. 17 shortly after his Senate confirmation, has begun to detail some of his priorities and principles for his time in office.