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President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement has taken the uncertainty surrounding U.S. climate policy to a whole new level. 

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CPP Backers Seek Ruling, Charging Repeal Leaves GHG Duty 'Unfulfilled'

In a potential threat to Trump administration efforts to roll back the Clean Power Plan (CPP), state and environmentalist supporters of the rule are urging an appellate court to issue a long-delayed ruling in litigation over the rule's merits, charging that EPA efforts to repeal it without firm plans for a replacement would leave its obligation to regulate power sector greenhouse gases “unfulfilled.”
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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's new directive ordering the agency to end so-called “sue-and-settle” suits is being met with concern by industry attorneys and skepticism by environmentalists, who say the order could make settlements impossible, even in cases where the agency has a mandatory duty to act, and will likely result in more litigation and court orders providing the agency with less time to act.

A new industry coalition is ramping up its advocacy for proposals that could place an array of new limits and oversight on EPA and other federal agencies -- an campaign that appears geared primarily to legislative efforts in 2018 and beyond but which may inform administrative actions by the Trump White House.

The success of the Department of Commerce's recent report urging overhauls of EPA Clean Air Act rules such as new source review (NSR) and ambient air standards in order to reduce regulatory burdens might hinge on whether President Donald Trump wins a second term, sources say, given that the effort will take several years to implement.