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TCI Backers Seek To Counter State, Free-Market Opposition To GHG Plan

Environmentalists who support the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) -- an effort by a group of Northeast states seeking to develop a regional cap-and-trade plan for transportation fuels -- are pushing back on criticism levied by some state officials and conservative groups trying to pressure states not to join.

The fight in California over phasing down the use of natural gas in homes and buildings is becoming increasingly contentious, as environmentalists are criticizing state power regulators for approving a major gas pipeline improvement project and equity groups urge officials to prioritize disadvantaged communities in the transition to electricity.

House Democrats are raising concerns that top Department of Energy (DOE) political officials are hindering wind, solar and other renewable projects by deliberately slowing down the use of funds for clean energy grants proposals and preventing staff from issuing the grants.

EPA’s just-released fiscal 2019 enforcement results tout an increase in civil and administrative penalties, criminal prosecutions and industry self-audits compared to FY18, but other key enforcement metrics show a significant decline from prior years including a 99 percent plummet in solid and hazardous waste cleanups from FY18.