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The Trump administration's climate policy is up against a House of Representatives controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. 

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Environmentalists Urge EPA To Scrap Weaker New Coal Plant GHG Plan

A large coalition of environmental groups is urging EPA to abandon its proposal to revise new source performance standards (NSPS) limiting greenhouse gases from new coal plants, saying the plan is unlawful because its GHG limit is weather than what existing coal plants can already achieve, among other reasons.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says he will make drinking water improvements a top priority for the agency, including infrastructure upgrades and measures to boost the quality of water supplies, even as he is seeking to cut funding for many EPA infrastructure programs and is downplaying climate change as a water supply threat.

A federal district judge in Utah is backing a citizen suit alleging diesel aftermarket parts makers violated the Clean Air Act (CAA), with the decision notable because it may be the first successful private enforcement case against a mobile source manufacturer and because it granted standing to the plaintiffs even though the emission contribution of the alleged violations was small.

EPA’s justification to Congress for its fiscal year 2020 budget details an aggressive plan for shifting significant environmental oversight to states either through delegated authority or slashing programs that complement states’ work, but it also seeks deep cuts to funds that could help states pay for the increased workload.