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Biofuels Groups Accuse EPA Of ‘Betrayal’ Over Weaker Plan To Boost RFS

Biofuels groups are accusing EPA of “betrayal” after the agency significantly weakened a proposal to boost biofuel blending goals under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), saying the plan unveiled Oct. 15 sets dramatically lower fuel production targets than the groups believed they had secured in a major deal with the White House.

The next several months will reveal how much the Trump administration is prioritizing criminal environmental enforcement as the first cases started under this administration come to fruition, and will also see electronic compliance reporting continuing to increase, says a top EPA criminal enforcement official from the Obama administration.

A local clean air agency in Washington state is proposing a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) regulation that would apply to the greater Seattle metropolitan area, or roughly half of the state’s population, a move that may heighten pressure on state lawmakers to pursue an overriding statewide LCFS.

A federal district court will hold an Oct. 15 hearing to decide whether he will force Virginia utility Dominion to remove transmission lines and two towers that cross the historic James River, as part of a key National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) case challenging the Trump administration’s accelerated NEPA review policies.