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President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement has taken the uncertainty surrounding U.S. climate policy to a whole new level. 

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EPA Braces For Major Disruption From Possible Government Shutdown

EPA is bracing for a looming possible federal government shutdown that would furlough the vast majority of agency staff -- and which could have highly disruptive effects on agency operations both within Washington, D.C., and the agency's regional offices -- unless Congress extends government funding that expires at the end of Jan. 19.
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As part of their approval of a plan to shut down the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant by 2025, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) members are downplaying environmentalists' fears of increased greenhouse gas emissions, saying that any minor, short-term increase would not hurt the state's strategy to achieve its 2030 and longer-term GHG targets.

EPA is signaling that it intends to take a flexible approach when implementing a court remand of its renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes rule for 2016, advising refiners and importers that they need not withhold 2016 vintage credits required for compliance with the 2017 RFS to cover possible additional fuel blending mandates for compliance year 2016.

California air board chief Mary Nichols is warning lawmakers that the state could be forced to consider new rules that would "affect driving or how cars get used in California" if EPA weakens current greenhouse gas standards for model year 2022-2025 light-duty vehicles, in order to keep the state on track to achieving its GHG targets.