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The Trump administration's climate policy is up against a House of Representatives controlled by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. 

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Climate Nuisance Suits May Go To High Court To Grapple With AEP Ruling

Various local government climate change nuisance lawsuits against oil majors appear likely to eventually land at the Supreme Court, which would have to parse differences between these suits and an earlier round of cases filed more than a decade ago where the high court unanimously held that the Clean Air Act displaces federal common law claims.

After months of inaction, the Justice Department (DOJ) is renewing its calls for a federal district judge to enter a revised consent decree it negotiated on EPA’s behalf with Harley-Davidson, which if approved would effectively implement a controversial Trump administration policy aimed at limiting payments to third parties as part of legal pacts.

Powerful industry groups such as investor-owned utilities (IOUs), finance companies, renewable power generators and large energy consumers are clashing over the California Public Utilities Commission's (CPUC) new rulemaking to develop a wildfire cost-recovery policy that may have enormous implications for the future of the state's utilities.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is urging EPA to “leverage” natural gas in its proposed replacement greenhouse gas rule for new coal plants -- pitting “clean, reliable, and affordable natural gas” against coal, which the plan seeks to bolster by easing standards for new plants, even though no new coal plants are being planned.