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As Coronavirus, Protests Shake Up Campaign, Climate Remains Factor

The coronavirus pandemic and widespread protests over policing have at least temporarily dislodged climate change as a top factor in the Nov. 3 elections, but environmentalists and their allies are continuing to push the issue by underscoring its public health threats and link to long-standing racial inequities.

Automakers are pressing EPA to offer additional flexibility in its pending changes to greenhouse gas compliance testing procedures for vehicles, including allowing at least two more years to phase in new test fuel -- beyond an alternative the industry is already seeking that could effectively weaken the stringency of the GHG rules.

Democratic-led states suing EPA over its COVID-19 enforcement discretion policy are indicating they will drop their challenge if agency enforcement chief Susan Bodine follows through on her plan to terminate the policy by Aug. 31.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is urging a federal district court to reject a proposed settlement between Sierra Club and DTE Energy in a long-running new source review (NSR) enforcement case, making an unprecedented claim that a private party is barred from going beyond what DOJ is seeking under the same enforcement action.