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The Trump administration's climate policy will be challenged by the coming Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. 

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Despite Few Real-World Impacts, NSPS Coal Proposal To Face Challenges

EPA is acknowledging that its new proposal to weaken greenhouse gas limits for new coal plants will have few real-world effects because no new domestic coal plants are planned, though environmentalists are strongly opposing the measure anyway in part because it could allow a dangerous precedent of setting lax Clean Air Act standards.

Led by New York and California, a coalition of 29 states, counties and cities are citing the Trump administration's recent National Climate Assessment (NCA) that forecasts dire impacts from climate change to urge EPA to withdraw its proposals to roll back greenhouse gas regulations on vehicles and power plants.

Academics and think tank experts are urging Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom (D) to pursue a series of near-term steps to counter climate change impacts by improving wildfire and forest management, providing more clean and affordable water supplies to certain communities, and cutting pollution from transportation systems.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee (D) is unveiling a package of policies that he says constitute a backup plan for reducing greenhouse gases after the state's voters rejected a carbon tax ballot initiative last month, with many of the plans expanding on California's aggressive climate policies for electricity, vehicles, fuels and buildings.