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The Trump administration is firmly in charge, and there's never been greater uncertainty surrounding U.S. climate policy. 

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Merkley, Sanders Outline Progressive Climate Vision, Contrasting With Trump

Two progressive senators are poised to introduce a broad climate change legislative package that could serve as a counterpoint to the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda, though some liberal groups charge that the proposal is not ambitious enough and it has little chance of gaining traction in the Republican-controlled Congress.

New analysis from an economic institute shows a 28 million ton reduction in coal demand resulting from the expected closure of 25 coal-fired power plants with a capacity of 16 gigawatts (GW) through 2018, a finding that underscores utilities' continued transition to cleaner power despite the Trump administration's pro-coal focus.

Coal companies are pointing to an appeals court's ruling that struck down an EPA reporting exemption for animal feeding operations (AFOs) to support their legal standing in a suit seeking to force an EPA review of how its climate and air rules have affected coal sector jobs, saying the ruling helps prove their claims of harm justifying their standing.

Canada and Mexico have signed onto the “Under 2 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” -- a California-led pact with a host of other national, state and local jurisdictions -- signaling increased collaboration on climate efforts even as the Trump administration pulls back on federal climate policy.