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The Trump administration's climate policy will be challenged by the coming Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. 

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EPA's Truck Plan May Limit California But Officials Promise Collaboration

EPA's plan to develop new rules to limit nitrogen oxide (NOx) from heavy-duty trucks could provide the sector leverage to negotiate flexibilities with California, which is planning its own rules, but the plan is also prompting cautious praise from environmentalists and others who suggest the effort may avoid the kind of clash occurring in the light-duty sector.

Environmentalists are teeing up a new case that makes a novel claim that the constitutional right to privacy is threatened by climate change, a suit that seeks to complement the better-known though stayed case brought by a group of youth plaintiffs alleging violations of Due Process and other rights

EPA on Nov. 13 is poised to announce a Cleaner Trucks Initiative that is expected to include plans for a future rulemaking to update nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions standard for heavy duty trucks, a measure long sought by state and local officials though the measure could also include some important flexibility for manufacturers.

In a blow to the Trump administration, federal courts have blocked several major fossil fuel projects for violating environmental review statutes for major fossil fuel projects around the country, including those affecting natural gas and oil pipelines as well as offshore oil and gas hydraulic fracturing practices.