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The Trump administration is firmly in charge, and there's never been greater uncertainty surrounding U.S. climate policy. 

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EPA Staff Mostly Ignore Trump Visit To Agency To Sign Climate Directive

EPA rank-and-file staff were not invited to the agency's Map Room to see President Donald Trump sign a long-anticipated, high-profile executive order seeking to dismantle the Obama administration's climate change regulatory work, and many staffers tell InsideEPA/climate that they are keeping their heads down and concentrating on work.
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President Donald Trump will sign a long-awaited executive order March 28 that a senior White House official says will begin to lay out a framework for the administration's energy and environment policy -- one that will prioritize energy production and eliminate climate or environmental policies that “put the U.S. economy at risk.”

As President Donald Trump prepares to sign an order rolling back a suite of Obama-era climate policies, EPA is facing a set of petitions from free-market and industry groups seeking to reconsider the agency's landmark finding that greenhouse gases endanger public health and the environment.

Two former administration officials are floating a plan to replace current vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy rules with a cap-and-trade approach that could achieve guaranteed emission cuts at a cheaper cost, though automakers and other observers are already voicing skepticism that the Trump administration will embrace the idea.