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DOE Seeks To Boost Fuels' Octane Levels To Help Curb Vehicle GHGs

December 17, 2015
The Department of Energy (DOE), together with EPA and other agencies, are launching a new research program that will initially seek to increase fuels' octane levels in order to speed adoption of more high-efficiency engines, a move intended to reduce greenhouse gases. But some say the effort could increase use of ethanol, a step likely to be strongly opposed by the oil industry and other critics who say that ethanol has a larger carbon footprint than conventional gasoline. In a...

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President-elect Trump: promote fossil fuels, roll back GHG rules, policies

Trump’s emphasis will be on promoting fossil fuel use and he has promised to back away from power-plant greenhouse-gas rules, doubting the scientific underpinning for a control regime. So far, there have been no specific policy proposals. He presumably also will consider executive actions to eliminate commitments to GHG reductions. With Republicans in control of both Houses, he will find a lot of support in Congress.

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