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Washington Suit May Test Commerce Clause Oversight Of State GHG Rules

Litigation pursued by the natural gas industry over Washington state's greenhouse gas rule could further test the reach of the Constitution's dormant Commerce Clause over state clean energy and climate programs, sources say, particularly because of the program's requirement to eventually limit available compliance credits to those generated within the state.

Industry Attacks CARB Plans To Curb Offsets, Free Allowances In Cap & Trade

Multiple industry sectors are attacking a draft California air board proposal to tighten a limit on the use of greenhouse gas offset credits for entities to comply with the state's cap-and-trade program, which is one measure to prioritize emission cuts directly at industrial facility sites as required by a recently enacted law.

States And Industry Seek To Consolidate, Bifurcate Oil & Gas NSPS Suits

State and industry petitioners challenging EPA's new source performance standards (NSPS) for the oil and gas sector's methane emissions are asking an appellate court to consolidate their litigation with suits already pending in the circuit over the agency's 2012 NSPS rules that seek to curb volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Difficulty Quantifying GHGs From Power May Complicate New Reporting Law

Difficulty in quantifying greenhouse gas emissions associated with imported electricity from unspecified sources will likely complicate compliance with a new California law requiring state utilities to report the GHG intensity of their suppliers’ energy sources, according to a university staff attorney specializing in energy issues.

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