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EPA Said To Adopt 'Modest' Boost In Final Truck GHG Rule's Engine Standard

EPA's pending final phase 2 greenhouse gas truck rule will include a “modest” boost in the stringency of the heavy-duty engine standard above what was proposed, sources familiar with the final rule say, a move that appears aimed at addressing one of the top priorities of California officials and environmentalists.
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California Air Board Defends Freight ‘Emissions Target’ Amid Lawmaker Worry

The California air board’s top executive is defending a proposed “emissions performance target” for freight facilities as part of the state’s evolving “sustainable freight” strategy to slash greenhouse gases and other pollutants from the sector, pushing back against lawmakers’ charges that officials failed to address industry concerns about the plan.

Advocates Eye DOE After Court Blocks GHG Suits Over FERC LNG Approvals

Environmentalists are vowing to step up their litigation requiring the Energy Department (DOE) to assess the upstream greenhouse gas impacts of liquefied natural gas (LNG) slated for export after a federal appellate court rejected their suit that sought to require the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to assess the impacts when approving LNG infrastructure.

New EIA Projections Highlight Gap Between GHG Policies, Long-Term Goals

New analysis from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) finds that modest updates to several existing climate policies would achieve additional greenhouse gas cuts by 2040, though it also underscores that much greater future efforts would likely be needed to meet strict mid-century carbon reduction targets.

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