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Suit Seeks To Force Exxon To Weigh Climate Effects In CWA, RCRA Plans

Environmentalists have filed a novel new suit that seeks to require ExxonMobil to account for climate change effects such as rising sea levels in Clean Water Act (CWA) and Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) compliance plans for a Massachusetts oil terminal, a suit that could end with a decision broadly requiring such considerations after earlier CWA suits against EPA led to settlements.

New California Law Requires Utilities To Report Electricity’s GHG Intensity

Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has signed an additional set of clean energy, climate change and environmental justice bills into law following his enactment of three landmark greenhouse gas bills earlier this month, including one landmark measure that requires utilities to annually report to customers the GHG intensity of their suppliers’ electricity sources.

Reviewing ESPS, Judges Grapple With Congress' Role In Climate Policy

The 10 appellate judges hearing oral arguments over EPA's power plant rule appeared skeptical of claims by opponents that the rule is unlawful because the agency already regulates power plants' air toxics emissions, but they grappled with arguments that the rule is unlawful because Congress has not spoken directly on the matter.

Question Of ESPS As 'Transformative' Looms Large In D.C. Circuit Suit

The fate of EPA's signature greenhouse gas rule for existing power plants may come down to the thorny question of how “transformative” the rule is, according to analysis from many observers following marathon oral arguments in appellate court over the regulation.

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