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Exelon Says ESPS 'Leakage' Plan Must Help Stop Nuclear Plant Closures

A nuclear-heavy utility is urging EPA to re-fashion its proposed method to prevent emissions “leakage” to new natural gas plants under its greenhouse gas rule for existing power plants, arguing that any mechanism must help prevent early retirements of at-risk nuclear plants, which the utility says would exacerbate such leakage.

Small Retailers Back Call To Shift RFS 'Obligation' To Boost Low-GHG Fuels

A new coalition representing small petroleum retailers is backing calls from refiners for EPA to shift the “point of obligation” fuel blending mandate under the renewable fuel standard (RFS) from refiners to fuel blenders, a change that could lead to more production of alternative fuels with reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal Firms Seek Bar On New EPA Climate, Air Rules Pending 'Jobs' Study

Coal companies are asking a federal district judge to prohibit EPA from issuing any new climate rules or enforcement mandates affecting the coal sector until the agency conducts a sweeping review of the employment impacts of its existing rules, with the companies saying they have evidence to prove at trial that the prohibition is necessary.

Doubts Over Global Aircraft GHG Deal Tied To Future EPA Rule Stringency

The uncertain outcome of global negotiations over cutting greenhouse gases from existing aircraft is becoming closely linked with the stringency of forthcoming EPA standards for the sector, sources say, as a weak measure or a failure to even reach a deal would place enormous pressure on the agency to go beyond international efforts.

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