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EPA-NHTSA Tensions Drive CARB Threat To Adopt Stricter Auto GHG Rules

California air board chair Mary Nichols is warning that the state could eventually propose stricter vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards for light-duty vehicles than national rules, based in part on “tension” between EPA and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), as well as the need for California to speed emission reductions to meet its climate goals and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales mandate.

New York Proposes Subsidy To Preserve Nuclear Units As Part Of GHG Plan

New York electricity regulators are poised to become the first in the country to subsidize existing nuclear power as part of a broader plan to dramatically increase renewable energy, achieve lofty climate goals and likely overcomply with EPA's power plant greenhouse gas rule.

Planners Fault CARB's GHG-Reduction Claims Under Novel Land-Use Law

Regional transportation planning officials in California are criticizing the state air board for overstating the potential greenhouse gas reductions that can be achieved by reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT) over the next 15 years through local land-use planning changes.

Gasoline Price Drop Could Hamper Paris GHG Targets But Scope Unclear

The recent technical report on light-duty fuel economy from EPA and the Transportation Department (DOT) appears to confirm that increased purchases of higher-emitting light trucks and sport utility vehicles due in part to lower gasoline prices will make it more difficult to achieve sufficient greenhouse gas emission cuts from the sector to meet the administration's international climate targets.

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